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CT-180 Utility Launcher is a specialized multi-purpose hand-held launcher developed by UNITY for use by field agents, Cate Archer being one of them. Although the device is mentioned in the original game within various intelligence items, it only appears in No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way.


According to the commission form for the CT-180, UNITY wanted it to do everything that the TR 60 and the TR 61 can do in one device. The CT-180 was designed for emergency extractions.

These specs were discussed between two UNITY employees in NOLF1, so some of the specs may have changed by the time the equipment was seen in NOLF2.


During the events of the original game, the device was discussed among a few UNITY employees, even though its existence was supposed to be kept a secret. However, Archer can obtain pieces of the device on her missions, which may have been left behind by careless UNITY agents. H.A.R.M. had plans to steal the device for their own purposes. Although most of their attempts to obtain it came with little success, a suitcase containing almost complete CT-180 (though lacking the firing mechanism) in the alpine village below the Dumas Chateau can be found, as well the complete device in the same village, after the confrontation with Baroness Dumas. Melvin Blitzny was able to acquire a fully working CT-180, but was killed before he could deliver it.

A H.A.R.M. technician in the H.A.R.M. Underwater Base was working on a captured CT-180 when he accidentally set the weapon off. It was armed at the time with a glue bomb which glued the device to his workbench.

Pieces of CT-180 Cate Archer may come across:

  • 4g
  • 27b
  • 89g
  • 89g-7
  • k47
  • 99825-978
  • 56
  • 897


The CT-180 resembles a pistol with a long barrel that features a prominent cocking handle. After firing a shot, the weapon has to be reloaded by pulling the handle back. The device can be also equipped with a scope. Since its fired projectiles travel slower than the ammunition used for normal weapons, the player has to be careful when shooting from longer distances. Because the projectiles do not use gunpowder as propellant, the device is noticeably silent when fired.


The launcher can accommodate a variety of ammunition:

Tracking dart icon.png

Tracking Dart - Marks the target's position and current location on the compass, without the target's awareness of being hit. They are especially useful for when the mission prohibits injury or death to target.

Tranq dart icon.png

Tranquilizer Dart - Puts targets to sleep on impact. Given enough time, however, its effects will wear off, allowing the affected targets to wake up.

Camera dart icon.png

Camera Disabler - Used to permanently disable security cameras without triggering alarms. Once a camera is successfully disabled, its light will turn blue.

Glue dart icon.png

Glue Bomb - Used to immobilize a human target. It should be noted that said targets can still return fire, as well as hit the player when they are within range.

Electric dart icon.png

Electric Charge - One hit causes the patrolling H.A.R.M. robots to short-circuit and explode. It will stun human targets and deal substantial damage to them.

Asss dart icon.png

Anti-Super Soldier Serum (ASSS) - The only type of ammunition that can kill any super soldier (including the lieutenants). Targets must be disabled first, however.