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The Briefcase Rocket Launcher was a portable missile launcher disguised as a metallic briefcase designed for UNITY field agents. It can hold up to five high-explosive rockets.

When Cate Archer was reporting to the war room within the UNITY Headquarters, she spotted a Briefcase Rocket Launcher in one of the office windows.

When Santa was training Archer on the use of the Sleeping Gas Perfume, he instructed her to test it out on Leon. He had been up for 32 hours working on the Briefcase Rocket Launcher prototype and Santa thought he could use some rest.

If the player attempts to pick up the Briefcase Rocket Launcher after putting Leon to sleep, the briefcase catches on fire in a small explosion.

While infiltrating the Gondola facility at the Dumas Chateau, Archer found a Briefcase Rocket Launcher in one of the buildings.

It is not known how H.A.R.M. was able to obtain the Briefcase Rocket Launcher.

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