NOLF1 BodyRemover

Body Remover in NOLF1.

NOLF2 BodyRemovery

Body Remover in NOLF2.

The Body Remover is a chemical powder (later liquid) developed by UNITY so that field operatives can quickly dispose of any bodies before they are discovered.

No One Lives ForeverEdit

In 1967 Santa gave a course in Advanced Field Tactics to Cate Archer. He described that due to Archer's slight frame she will not have much luck in moving bodies. Since a judicious agent doesn't leave bodies lying around, agents would use this powder to prevent other guards and Security Cameras from discovering them.

If the body fade option is turned on in NOLF1, the training corpse will be gone by the time the player reaches this part of the training.

No One Lives Forever 2Edit

By 1968 UNITY had developed a liquid version of the body remover. This allowed them to disguise the gadget in a Perfume bottle that could be re-loaded after each use.

The body remover had also been put into use by different enemies that Archer would come across. If a body was found, the finder would first try to wake them up. Upon realizing they are dead, the enemy would use the body removing powder while uttering a phrase as listed below.

Ninja - "I shall avenge you."
Soviet Army - "Sorry comrade, there's less paperwork this way."
H.A.R.M. Thug - "I ain't taking the blame for this."
Mimes - "Goodbye, mon amie."

This would prevent Archer from searching the bodies later for useful items.


  • In NOLF2, the player can move the bodies close to each other an dissolve all of them with one use.
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