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Body Armor in NOLF1.

Body Armor is equipment in the form of protective clothing. It is used by Cate Archer, the UNITY Intercept Team and John Jack (the player controlled characters) to prevent some types of damage.

No One Lives Forever[]

In The Operative: No One Lives Forever, Santa instructs Archer on the use of Body Army in her first Advanced Field Tactics course. He noted that Archer would not have the opportunity to heal while on a mission so she would have to rely on Body Armor to protect her. Santa also warned that some type of damage would ignore Body Armor such as falling or running out of oxygen.

One of the rewards for collecting Intelligence items on each mission was a higher Body Armor rating which provided more protection.

No One Lives Forever 2[]

A major change in the game for No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way allows the player to heal with Bandaids and First Aid Kits. However Body Armor is still the primary means of protection in the game. Another difference is that Body Armor came in two varieties. Light Body Armor and Heavy Body Armor.

Searching a fallen foe in the game can sometimes result in finding light or heavy Body Armor. If your armor is full, then the item will remain for retrieval later as long as the body remains.

Unusual locations to find Body Armor is on a bed located in the abandoned house of Melvin Blitzny in Akron, Ohio.

The player can spend Skill Points to increase the effectiveness of Body Armor or increase the chances of finding Body Armor.

Contract J.A.C.K.[]

Like NOLF2, the Body Armor in Contract J.A.C.K. comes in two varieties. Light and heavy Body Armor.

Unusual locations to find Body Armor includes in orbit around the Moon while fighting off thugs from the Italian criminal organization known as Danger Danger.


  • If the player was able to avoid getting hit in NOLF1, one of the Mission Awards the player can earn include the Undamaged Operations Certificate - Issued by the UNITY Body Armor Repair Shop.

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