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The streets of Berlin.

Berlin was a city in East Germany. Like the country of Germany, after World War II Berlin had been divided into two cities. Communist controlled East Berlin (run by the Soviet Union) and West Berlin controlled by England, France and the United States. The divided city became a symbol of the Cold War and a battleground between various government controlled espionage organizations.

During the 1960's, East Berlin served as the capitol of East Germany.

While infiltrating the Smugglers Den in Morocco, Cate Archer came across a letter from Dieter stating that he missed Berlin and that the weather was too hot in Morocco.

Mr. Jones reported that UNITY was having a devil of a time trying to recruit reliable spies in Berlin thanks to the STASI.

On September 17, 1967 at 8:27pm, agent Archer infiltrated the STASI Records and Research Facility located in East Berlin. Her goals were to help Dr. Otto Schenker defect to the west and to Photograph any documents relating to his research into Bio-Matter Explosives. She was instructed to meet UNITY agent Werner von Haupt inside the facility.

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