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The Belt Buckle with hook.

The Belt Buckle is a gadget developed by Santa at UNITY for field agents.

Santa's Description[]

The belt buckle is actually a cleverly disguised zipcord that shoots out a thin, tensile line capable of supporting the weight of an adult human of average size. When the line is fastened to certain, suitable clasps or hooks, the device's miniature motor will lift you automatically.

In Game Use[]

Santa provides the Belt Buckle to Cate Archer at a UNITY training facility in West Germany. Archer then uses it to gain access to the roof at the Frankfurt Inn.

While discussing the plans to infiltrate the Dumas Towers in England, Mr. Smith advised using the Belt Buckle to traverse from the top of one tower to the top of the other tower.

Archer later uses the Belt Buckle to get into the Rocket launch facility operated by H.A.R.M. on a small island off the coast of Mandaru.

The Belt Buckle is one of the equipment items that Archer recovers after she escapes from Magnus Armstrong in the Chateau Dumas. She later uses the Belt Buckle to escape from a Poison Gas filled room.

When escaping from the Chateau Dumas, Archer uses the Belt Buckle to get down from a stuck Gondola.


Once this item is introduced in H.A.R.M.'s Promise, the player can select this equipment at the start of the mission. There are several previous missions where this item would come in handy, including an apartment window in Misfortune in Morocco and on the loading docks in A Tenuous Lead.

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