NOLF2 Batteries

Two batteries.

ContractJACK BatteryCharger

A battery in a battery charger.

A Battery is a device that holds an electric charge as a power source for other electric devices such as Tape Recorders, Flashlights, Garage Door Openers and even Mining Lasers. Some batteries are used once then thrown away. Others were designed to be re-charged for further use.

No One Lives Forever 2Edit

In 1968, Cate Archer traveled to Akron, Ohio with the goal to search the house of Melvin Blitzny. Blitzny was a double agent that had worked with H.A.R.M. and Archer hoped to find a clue to Project: Omega. While she was searching the house, she found a set of Batteries that she was able to put into a Garage Door Opener that was hidden behind a movie poster for Kung Fu Spy of Fury. When Archer activated the opener, it revealed Blitnzy's "Inner Sanctum" where a memo was found with a clue to H.A.R.M.'s latest plot.

Contract J.A.C.K.Edit

While fighting off the thugs from Danger Danger within the crashed H.A.R.M. Space Station on the surface of the Moon, John Jack found a battery charger and two batteries near an air-lock. With the aide of a Space Suit, Jack was able to proceed outside the station where he found a Mining Laser with one dead battery. Jack was able to insert the two charged batteries and take the un-charged battery back to the battery charger to re-fill it. When the laser had full power, he was then able to use it to blast a hole in the side of another section of the space station.

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