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Balaji Malpani is an employee of the India branch of H.A.R.M. in Calcutta. He serves as the right hand man to Anoop Banerjee. One of his duties includes coming up with the daily password used to get into the H.A.R.M.'s Indian headquarters.

Malpani has a mistress named Phoolwati. He would visit her apartment frequently, bringing her flowers picked from the flower bed at the entrance to her building.

Malpani has an apartment at the Hotel Happy Guest. Inside his room he has a Telephone and a Safe where he keeps his passwords. There is also a Banana and a Spy Training Manual in his apartment. He keeps his apartment door locked.

A UNITY Intercept Team was dispatched to Calcutta before the arrival of Cate Archer. Their task was to take a photograph of Malpani for Archer to use in her upcoming assignment. They were able to track him down to his mistresse's apartment.

A photo of Malpani taken by the UNITY Intercept Team.

When Archer arrives, she receives the photograph and a Telephone Bug from Kamal Khubchandani with instructions to bug the phone in Malpani's apartment. As she picks up this package, Malpani will appear on the streets of Calcutta walking back to his apartment at the Hotel Happy Guest. Archer beats him to the apartment and plants the bug. Afterwards, Malpani gets a telephone call from Banerjee. In the conversation, Malpani announces that he he has selected Mulligatawny. Once the telephone call has ended, Malpani falls asleep on his cot.

The player can make the decision to play the telephone conversation or kill Malpani to get his keys to the safe. Either method will get the player the information they need to get past the guards.