General Hawkins holding a vial of Anti-Super Soldier Serum.

The Anti-Super Soldier Serum is a formula developed by UNITY Scientist Dr. Schenker to counter the "indestructible" Super Soldiers created by H.A.R.M. It is delivered by the CT-180 Utility Launcher.

When asked to describe how the serum works, Dr. Schenker responded that it boiled the innards of the Super Soldiers. This got General Morgan Hawkins quite excited.

As H.A.R.M. was invading Khios, Cate Archer arrived by Parachute before Dr. Schenker had completed the Anti-Super Soldier Serum capsules. They were air-dropped in after the invasion had started. In order for the serum to work, the Super Soldiers had to be temporarily incapacitated by weapons fire.

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