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Curse them, they pushed us too far this time.
-Anoop Banerjee talking about Evil Alliance

Anoop Banerjee is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief of Security at the India branch of H.A.R.M. in Calcutta. He is also heavily involved in Project: Omega, including recruiting talent for the special weapons project.

After many raids by Evil Alliance in the H.A.R.M.'s Indian headquarters, Banerjee has a hatred of his rival organization and would love to see them taken down a notch or two.

Balaji Malpani is his right hand man. Banerjee calls him at his apartment at the Hotel Happy Guest to get the daily password.

Banerjee loved using ferocious Weasels. He threatened to feed Malpani to weasels after hearing his latest selection for a daily password. Banerjee had also contracted Vicious, Mean, and Nasty-Animal Importers to provide him with a pack of weasels from Canada for use in the death trap guarding his Safe. Unfortunately, the company informed him that the animals were on back-order and provided him with Rabbits instead claiming that they were quite vicious.

When Cate Archer attempted to get a job with H.A.R.M. through Banerjee, she offered to bring him the contents of Evil Alliance's safe and wreck their operation. He eagerly agreed. When she returned triumphant, he hired her on the spot. This allowed Archer to get into the safe in the basement of Banerjee's headquarters collecting the information on Project: Omega. Outraged, Banerjee wanted Archer punished and was frustrated that Pierre the Mime King got in his way for revenge.

Banerjee reported Pierre's interference with The Director. This only upset The Director, whom had just complimented Banerjee on slightly improving the security at the India branch. To make an example of Banerjee, The Director sent his newly developed Super Soldiers to punish the India branch in a field test.

It is not known if Banerjee was directly targeted in the attack by the Super Soldiers. He was not seen in The Curse of Kali mission.