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The Alps is a large mountain range that covers quite a few countries in Europe including France, West Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco and more.

Baron Archibald Dumas and Baroness Dumas spend a holiday at the Dumas Chateau in the German Alps. It was destroyed by an infected Baron Dumas when he exploded.

Cate Archer found a proposal from Hans Brother's Builders to Baroness Dumas to build the 8,000 square foot Dumas Ski Lodge in the Italian Alps.

Dmitrij Volkov was injured in a skiing accident in the Swiss Alps. He reached out to clout an unsuspecting child and ended up entangled with the child's sister. They both fell off of a 100 foot cliff. Volkov survived but was confined to a Mechanized Wheelchair due to his injuries.

The scene at the end of the credits for Contract J.A.C.K. hints that John Jack may have done something to Volkov's skiing equipment.

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