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A UNITY airplane in West German airspace.

An Airplane is a fixed wing aircraft used by different organizations and governments to travel, move cargo and more. Most Airplanes take off and land at airports such as Heathrow Airport.

No One Lives Forever[]

While Cate Archer was escorting Dr. Otto Schenker on an airplane flight from Berlin to England, a second airplane approached with Magnus Armstrong. He ordered the H.A.R.M. Paratroopers to board the Airplane and capture Dr. Schenker. Archer attempted to fight them off before being knocked out by Armstrong. Luckily she woke up just before her Airplane broke up throwing her into the sky. She was able to catch up to a H.A.R.M. Paratrooper and "borrow" a Parachute before hitting the ground.

No One Lives Forever 2[]

The pilot Mischa was hired to fly Archer into Siberia so she could infiltrate a Soviet Army base in order to find out information on Project: Omega. When Archer attempted to escape with Mischa, H.A.R.M. Thugs attempted to blow up the small Airplane with Explosives.

Mischa, Archer and Armstrong then used this same Airplane to find the hidden H.A.R.M. Antarctica Base located in the Antarctica.

One of the Random items that could be found was a crushed paper airplane.

A jet airplane delivered Archer to the island nation of Khios just as The Director was launching an invasion of the island with his Super Soldiers.

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